Save the Date! Founders Day ⊕ Homecoming, 11/17/2018

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We take great pride and pleasure in announcing our plans to celebrate our 131-year-old ministry in Somerville.

Do pencil us in for 5pm, November 17, 2018. More details will come but we plan to offer:

  • Holy Eucharist
  • visitation by The Right Reverend Alan M. Gates, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts
  • special musical guests
  • reception
  • and much chat about connections, old and new, between the parish of St. James and her neighbors.

Get cracking, all Brathwaites, Boys, Moores, Greenidges, McCrays, and Carsons!

You, too, Carrubbas & Ferraris, Parsons, Ryces, Dalrymples, Falieros, McDonaghs, and Olsens!

Attention all Smiths & Feltners, Sparrows, Spencers & Freemans, Baxters, Healeys, Bealulieus, Berrys & Munschys!

Calling all Billies, Cassidys, Chebookjians, Cleggses, Guthries, Harrises, Littells, Martins, McCormicks, Mellos, Moores & Schrumms, Murphys, Oakes, Sakals, Scotts, Shaws & Shannons, Stuarts, Tuckers & Latorres, Walshes, and Whartons!

We are so excited and hope you are, too!