New Boiler, Huzzah & Hallelujah!

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It was a long haul–it took a lot of time, patience, funding, connections (thanks, You-Know-Who!), and PRAYER but St. James has a new boiler, yay! We plan to celebrate the blessing of the new boiler and our “new” sign* on Thursday, October 29th, 6PM with a short service and potluck. Our guests will be Bishop Alan Gates and his wife Tricia Harvey.

To those who attended a winter service when our organist shivered










or we all huddled together in St. Francis Hall


















or, when it was REALLY cold and we shivered in the church school room,












please come back, try us again. This fall and winter you will find a toasty warm church as well as a very warm welcome from our clergy and congregants.