Through sermons, quiet hours, and other efforts, the clergy administer to the parish’s spiritual well-being.

  • Priest-in-Residence: The Reverend Clarence E. Butler


Officers address the concrete needs of the church, such as building maintenance and financial concerns.

  • Senior Warden: Bill Brathwaite, Jr.
  • Junior Warden: Bill Parsons, III
  • Treasurer:┬áNadene Parsons
  • Collector: Jody Greenidge


A parliament of lay members, the vestry offers community insight (along with their time, labor, and love) to refine and realize the church’s vision.

  • Kathy Moore
  • George McCray
  • Rosemary Parsons


Music is critical to St. James’ ministry. Talented people (with the help of many volunteers) make it happen.