Open Letter from Rev. Clarence, 3/6/23

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Dear Members and Friends of St. James,

In our Parish Update this week, brevity is the order of the day, in the main because a routine, i.e. a more recognizable pattern, appears to have returned to our parochial life. The coronavirus pandemic has faded into our recent memory, making us aware of the need to be diligent in our in-person liturgies, but less anxious. May that trend continue.

The major item which I bring before you on this Second Sunday in Lent is a reminder that the Vestry will meet on Sunday next, 12 March, immediately following Eucharist. There are routine items which need attention, even as we continue to give thoughts to long-term items of concern. Every member of the parish is invited to attend this meeting.

I post next the program which last week I offered as a “pathfinder” for our individual journey through Lent 2023.

Week Two: 6 March – 11 March
PRAYER: Intercession on behalf of others and thanksgiving for blessings
* The Lord’s Prayer
* Psalm 141, BCP p. 797
* Collect of Lent Two, BCP p. 218

Week Three: 13 March – 18 March
Reconciliation: Seeking forgiveness for things down and left undone
* The Lord’s Prayer
* Psalm 51, BCP p. 656
* Collect of Lent Four, BCP p. 218

Week Four: 20 March – 25 March
Consolation: Evaluating distractive busyness
* The Lord’s Prayer
* Psalm 23, BCP p. 612
* Collect of Lent Four, BCP p. 219

Week Five: 27 March – 1 April
Humility: Reassessing external influences on self-image
* The Lord’s Prayer
* Psalm 131, BCP p. 785
* Collect of Lent Five, BCP p.219

I hope that you will find these recommended acts of devotion and reflection restorative, as we reclaim a routine in our daily lives. Of your charity, I bid you pause once a week for 5 – 8 minutes to give God praise for our being.

May the peace of God that passes all understanding, keep your hearts and minds in the love of God and of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord; and the blessing of God Almighty, Father, Son and Holy Spirit be with you and those whom you love into this new year. Amen.

Your fellow Sojourner in The Way,