grocery bag

Helping Hand Food Pantry

St. James, Somerville, has collected food for the Helping Hand Food Pantry, a ministry of St. James, Cambridge, for many years. Due to problems with the space, St. James Cambridge has had to cut back on their service. The Pantry will  be open ONE SATURDAY A MONTH, through the spring to see how successfully they …


St. James Coffee Hour, January – May, 2017

We at St. James love to eat and chat. Please feel free to join us for coffee hour after our 10 am Sunday services.   Some Sundays, it may be light snacks such as cheese and crackers. On special occasions, you might find some spectacular, homemade bread, cookies or rum cake. Other times–something in between. You …


St. James, a Sanctuary

Are you human? Folks, we are a sanctuary church. ALL are welcome, regardless of citizenship, race, gender, political affiliation, etc., etc., etc.! Do join us at a 10am Sunday service and get to know us afterward at coffee hour.